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12815339 EE101784160 Mäepealse tn 4-21, 12619, Tallinn, Harju maakond
IDEALMÖÖBEL OÜ has been registered on 13.03.2015. The status of the company is active. The number of employees in the company in 2016 was 1. The number of employees has stayed the same compared to 2015. The net sales for 2016 were 95 550 euros. The net sales of IDEALMÖÖBEL OÜ have increased compared to 2015. The profit margin for 2016 is 7,61 %. It has increased compared to 2015. The company's activity is manufacture of kitchen furniture.

The credit rating of IDEALMÖÖBEL OÜ is AAA (Highest Creditworthiness). The recommended credit limit is 18 000 EUR.
Net sales95 550134,91%40 675
Net profit (loss)7 272266,90%1 982
No of employees10,00%1
2017 Q IV2017 Q III2017 Q II2017 Q I2016 Q IV2016 Q III
State taxes3293 7133 9603 1452 3472 137
Labor taxes7317317315381 323438
Net sales16 09338 58428 85931 616
No of employees1111

Kvartaalse müügituluna avaldatakse Maksu- ja Tolliametile esitatud käibedeklaratsioonide ridade 1, 2 ja 3 summa. Avaldatakse ainult nende käibedeklaratsioonide ridade 1, 2 ja 3 summa, mille esitamise tähtaeg oli möödunud kvartalis (näiteks 10. aprillil avaldatakse detsembri, jaanuari ja veebruari kohta esitatud käibedeklaratsioonide vastavate ridade summa).

No payment remarks within last 24 months.
Bisnode Estonia collects information on the payment remarks from many sources, e.g. Tax and Customs Board, official publication Ametlikud Teadaanded, debt collection companies (incl market leaders Julianus Inkasso and Intrum Justitia), telecommunication companies, financial institutions and others. The tax arrears under 100 euros, also the single bigger tax arrear which has been paid within the same calendar month it has occurred, are not taken into account. The detailed overview of payment behaviour is available in the credit report.