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AAA credit rating

The most important value in business relationships is trust. We all know how to evaluate assets, prices of products-services, cost of working time etc. But how to assess the reliability of a business partner?

Dun & Bradstreet has been dealing with measurement of reliability for decades. By using the tried-and-tested AAA credit rating model Dun & Bradstreet today gives the rating to all companies in 14 countries. Many companies having received the highest AAA and also the second best AA rating use this recognition in their communication by indicating thus their reliability and good creditworthiness.

AAA rating is the world's first creditworthiness assessment system of companies created in 1989 in Sweden. The calculation of ratings was started with the help of the special computer programme. This had a market changing effect. Suddenly it was easier to manage risks, compare companies and adopt credit decisions.

Dun & Bradstreet Estonia collects information on the Estonian companies from cooperation partners and several public sources. The rating is calculated based on the status, background, financial indicators and payment behaviour of the company. 


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