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Marketing package of AAA credit rating

  1. AAA certificate 2023 with the business name in Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian - for framing and hanging on to the office wall.
  2. AAA Live logo in Estonian, English and Russian for displaying on the website. The logo indicates the credit rating of the company as at the current date (as first ones in Estonia). See how it looks here.
  3. AAA logo on your company's page at The site has an average of 100000 unique visitors a month who search for information on the solvency of companies.

Price of package: 199 euros + VAT

certificate examplelive logo example

By ordering the marketing package of AAA credit rating you could be sure that anyone who visits your office, website or just googles your company, gets a clear message that the company is a going concern, reliable and with great creditworthiness. Less than 4% of the Estonian companies have the AAA rating. Read more about rating here.

Credit ratings of Estonian companies (*percent of all active companies)

NB! You do not know the rating of your company? Please contact +372 6414 902 or via feedback form.

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