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Credit reports of companies

Credit reports of companies

The credit report provides you the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the status of the company (active, under liquidation, bankrupt, deleted)?
  • Who are the decision-makers in the company and who have the right to represent the company?
  • Who are the shareholders and other related persons of the company?
  • What are the financial indicators of the company and how much taxes have been paid?
  • What is the profitability of the company, level of owners’ equity, liquidity, sales revenue and profit per employee?
  • Has the company encountered payment defaults within last two years?
  • What is the credit rating of the company?
  • What is the recommended maximum credit limit?

Parts of credit report

General information 

Here you can find information on the business name, type and former names of the company. The registry code, time of registration, VAT number and status in the Commercial Registry has been indicated.

Contact information

Mailing address, phone(s), e-mail(s), and website address. The source of the data is the Commercial Registry.

Credit rating

Dun & Bradstreet uses the international AAA credit rating system (used in 13 countries) for the assessment of the company’s creditability. The positive credit ratings are AAA (the highest creditability), AA (good creditability) and A (creditworthy). The credit within small volume is also recommended to the company with AN rating (new company with positive background). The granting of unsecured credit to the companies with NR (rating is missing), B and C rating to the companies is not recommended.


Part judgements

The assessments have been given on the status, background, financial status and creditability. In addition to verbal assessments these have been also pointed out with different colours for the receipt of short overview. Green assessments are positive, yellow satisfactory and red negative.

The activities are assessed based on the age, type and status of the company in the Commercial Registry.

The background is assessed based on the rating of the parent company and the ratings of the other companies of the related persons (members of the management board).

The financial status is assessed by using the ratios calculated on the basis of the data taken from the last available annual report. If there is no new annual report available for assessment or if the sales revenue of the company is less than 50 000 euros, the rating of the financial status is neutral.

The assessment of solvency is based on the data periodically collected from the Tax and Customs Board, bailiffs and payment order department of court and collection companies. The history of payment behaviour during last two years is taken into account.


Responsible persons

The persons entered to the registry card of the company and information on who have the right to represent the company and in which terms have been indicated here. The list of persons who have previously been the decision-makers of the company has been also provided here.


Owners, supervisory board and other related persons

Here you can find the list of shareholders of the company with the percentage of share. The physical and legal persons with 10% share or more have been indicated.  The founder of the company, members of the supervisory board and auditor could have been also provided. Also, the former related persons have been indicated.


Ability to pay

We have collected payment defaults and other negative signals from different sources regarding the payment behaviour here. It is possible to see the tax debt as of the moment and its occurrence within two last years. The amounts of tax debt have been provided by months and the deferred and disputed debt amounts and accumulated interests have been separately indicated.  We collect data from Ametlikud Teadaanded (Official Journals) publishing the notices on enforcement notices, payment orders and proposals.

The information on the known collection procedures has been also indicated. Dun & Bradstreet cooperates with Julianus Inkasso ( and Intrum Justitia, the leaders of the Estonian collection market. The negative signals also from the majority of other collection companies operating at the Estonian market have been provided as unofficial information.

Financial indicators

The key financial indicators of the last year on which information is available have been provided in this sector. Also, the comparisons with two previous years (if relevant data exist) have been indicated. The following has been indicated: sales revenue, net profit/loss, current assets, owners’ equity, current liabilities, balance sheet total and number of employees.

NB! If the financial data are not available, it means that:

  • the company has not submitted any annual report
  • the last annual report of the company is more than three years old
  • the company has not submitted the annual report in a standard electronic form (XBRL).

Financial ratios

Return on assets (ROA%) – indicates how effectively the company’s management can manage the resources possessed.

Equity ratio – indicates the percentage the company is financed with owners’ equity

Quick ratio – indicates the ability of the company to cover all current debts at the same time with the current assets

Profit margin (%) – describes the relation of net profit and sales revenue

Sales revenue per employee – indicates how well the company can sell. It is reasonable to use it as comparative materials with other companies of the same field of activity.

Profit/loss per employee – describes how well the company has been able to put the employees at the service of gaining profit

NB! The averages of financial ratios of the companies in the same sector during the last financial year have also been provided.


Company image
Company image